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Tim was raised in the Upstate of South Carolina however lived 27 years in the Pacific Northwest. This is where met his wife of  28 years. Together they have raised three amazing kids and has built a successful career. Recently, Tim and his family relocated back to the Upstate of South Carolina to be closer to his mom and dad. 


Before becoming a coach, Tim was frustrated with his job and life in general. Knowing he had to make a change, he started applying many of the practices he learned through his personal development journey. Tim's growth as a person encouraged him to help others break free from the barriers that keep them feeling stuck in life. He helps them find clarity, direction and hope.

Tim loves the outdoors so when he's not serving and giving to others, you can find him hiking, fishing, mountain biking or just hanging out with his family.  


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Shot on Antelope Island in Utah, on a night where I witnessed the most beautiful pink suns
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