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This week I learned a valuable lesson about hesitation and avoidance.

I hesitated. I hesitated because I was nervous about hitting send on an email that I would get paid for providing a service. I allowed insecurities to creep in for just a moment and it was all it took for me to avoid hitting the send button. I also diluted my focus on other tasks that needed to be dealt with. I had another major storm happening in another area of life which diluted my results in another area I working hard to grow in.

That invoice still sits there as a reminder. Not sure I will ever delete it. May it serve as a reminder to Face The Storm.

As you have heard me mention, avoiding storms in life increases the amount of time, stress, and frustration we have to deal with that storm. I am not a perfected individual however I am committed to learning from these lessons to be stronger in the future.

"If you take people and you expose them voluntarily to things that they are avoiding and are afraid of that they know they need to overcome in order to meet their goals, their self-defined goals. If you can teach people to stand up in the face of the things they're afraid of, they get stronger" ~Jordan Peterson

It is generally the little things in life, the little storms we avoid that trip us up and spoil our growth. However, we can grow stronger by dealing with the little things. This little storm of insecurity was a little fox. I have the ability and skill to perform the work I was seeking out however the fruit was not able to be harvested due to me allowing the little foxes in.

"Catch us the foxes, The little foxes that spoil the vines, For our vines have tender grapes." Song of Solomon 2:15

Questions to meditate on:

What are the little foxes/storm you need to tend to?

What this week caused you to hesitate?

How would you change how you face it next time?

Keep putting in the work, it is The Inspired Way!

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The Inspired Way Podcast

Episode 106 was released this week. Ep:106 - "3 Ideas Why We Avoid Storms"

Such a timely message! If you missed the last episode, I highly encourage you to listen to it. I share some thoughts on the exact struggles I faced this week. These are things we can overcome and get stronger in to face the daily storm of life with passion, strength and courage.

Share them with someone and let me know what you like most about this episode. I would love to hear how this podcast is helping you Face The Storms of life.

Have you left a rating or review for the podcast yet? It really helps us get this message to more people.


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