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The Art of Masculinity, No Quit Living Podcast, The Art of Fulfillment

The Kristof Lewis Podcast, The He-Fluence Podcast

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You need guidance and world-class advice to reach the next levels of success, fulfillment, and abundance.

Meet your new coach!

He's been the personal development trainer for many individuals and has been a student under that worlds best Coaches in Brendon Burchard, Jim Rohn, Zig Ziggler to name a few. These coaches have coached Olympians, best-selling authors, top level CEO's of major corporations, multi-millionaire entrepreneurs, and millions of clients around the globe.

Tim has the skill set to help you dramatically improve happiness, confidence, career success, interpersonal relationships, workplace quality, and income. Now Tim can be YOUR virtual coach!

"He is somebody who is in the earth today to cause change, to cause progression, and cause others to be successful just like he is."

—Donald "The Voice" Gadson

Let Tim help you:

  • Have more clarity, breakthrough emotional blocks, and determine the EXACT strategies and habits you need to reinvent yourself.

  • Discover, implement and sustain the habits that can help you have more confidence and life satisfaction, build strong and solid relationships. 

  • Get more out of your career, chart a new career path, and increase your influence.

  • Develop the mindset and habits needed for a happier, healthier and more vibrant life.

  • Overcome challenges with passion, strength and courage in your life.

  • Routines to be more productive and have self-disciplined.

  • Develop deeper motivation and personal drive.

  • Lead yourself and others well!

I always looked forward to hearing Tim speak as he always took an approach that was inspiring and would leave you thinking. I would encourage everyone to join in and listen to what he has to share. I promise you won’t be wasting your time. 


                                                    -Jennie Rebbeca

You deserve more, and I believe you feel the same way.

Sometimes, we all need help to reach it and help to unlock the potential in each of us. 

Let's be REAL, you've been working too long and exerting far too much energy!  To NOT to have more progress and at this stage of your life.


Is that harsh to say?


I don't think so. I think it's HONEST. You need a coach that will tell you what you need to hear, show you the blind spots, and help guide you along a better path.


Look at the athletes and the world's highest performers in any area of business and life, they need a coach to improve, YOU too need a coach that can see your actions, show you a better way, keep you on track, and ultimately 10x your results.


That's why this day and this moment is important for you. 


Today, I'm offering to coach you and train you on the very same principles and strategies that have been taught to CEOs, successful entrepreneurs, world-class athletes, and some of the highest performers in the world today.

Hear me saying:


“Hey, let me help you and guide you every month to help keep you on the right path. Let me challenge you and encourage growth. Let me help you develop the mindset, habits, and personal power required to change your life and live your dreams. I'm here for you, every month. Let's do this!”




I know it can be hard trusting someone new so, today, I'm not asking you to trust me today.


I'm asking you to TRUST that voice deep down in your heart. You know that feeling, the one in your gut that says it's time for you to LEVEL UP the game in life. 


Where you are TODAY your life, is it not the time to clarify your purpose? To be bold and adopt the mindset, habits, and the much-needed focus so that you achieve that fulfilling life and have the freedom you deserve.


You just have to signup to be part of my Group Coaching program. 


You can signup now and cancel anytime.


You can make a CHANGE in your life RIGHT NOW. 


Here's what you get...

Today, you get to choose a life coach who has impacted many lives, building a brand, trained teams, studied and practiced the habits of the world's most successful people, and one who's ready to share his experience with you to guide you on the path of LIFE MASTERY.

People would have pay $10,000-$12,000 a year to work with Tim individually, one-on-one. You get him as YOUR virtual life coach in this group coaching program, starting right now for just $47 per month

Get Coached by Tim, and You Receive:

Join Tim for 1 HR of life-transforming coaching and high-performance training, and 1 HR of industry expert training each month. You'll get new frameworks, strategies, and habits to help you stay focused, to create more joy, confidence, and momentum in every area of life. Each month, Tim will teach the latest concepts exclusively to this group, answer questions, help you navigate obstacles, and do giveaways ONLY for this community. Imagine getting the SAME life coach and high-performance coach that individuals would pay $12,000 per year coaching!

After your first paid month in the program, we'll get you on a phone call with Tim, with a Tier One "Navy SEAL" type of life coach. In this free coaching call, you'll get to know 5 SPECIFIC goals for the year (and the fastest way to achieve them). You'll discover, through dialogue, the BEST habits that should be implemented to reach your goals, and how to overcome your obstacles in the most congruent and expedited way. (This free bonus is valued at $197!) You also receive early access to one of Tim's upcoming Buffalo Weekend Experience events, valued at $997!

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This can be YOUR new Coach!

Tim Douglas is an inspirational speaker, entrepreneur, coach, and writer. He has a gift in connecting with his audiences, that will inspire, empower, and motivate them to live out their highest true potential.  Tim does this by bringing authentic, passionate stories and life experiences to his audience in a very conversational style. He blends his successful career in leadership, work experiences, and life lessons learned, coupled with his 20+ years of study in the areas of leadership, organizational health, positive psychology, neuroscience, and highest performers and business leaders in the world today!

Tim can help you level up in all areas of life. He is compassionate and encouraging yet challenging and push you the way you need to be pushed to achieve the results you are looking for.

This is YOUR Coach!