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Never Do Life Alone...



Are you wanting the most out of life? Are you interested in discovering you highest true potential?

When in comes to life coaching, Tim Douglas has an ability to not only help clients navigate their self discovery process but also see greatness in them and the ability to pull it out of them. 


Clients receive honest feedback, while allowing room for personal growth.  You will be challenged in a healthy way, that will push you to new levels. In the end, you feel stronger and healthier for whatever life throws at you.


If you are looking to perform at your highest true potential in LIFE, contact Tim today.  Don't do life alone; you want someone in your corner that can and will help you become the individual you are destined to be.

Looking Out to the Lake


Are you looking to be a better employee? Are you looking for a promotion? Maybe you want to start a new career or a business?

Tim Douglas, has a solid background in corporate America where he consistently received high praise from co-workers and upper management. Tim can help you become that employee that receives that promotion, the raise, and the go-to employee that everyone desire to have around.


Tim has also started several successful businesses and has become a full time entrepreneur.  If you are looking to start a business or you need help building the one you have, Tim can help by providing the guidance and support needed for you to gain the confidence, be empowered and motivated to start living that dream business.

Toy Plane


Do you struggle with a negative mindset?  Would you like to not get bogged down in your thinking? Do you have a fixed mindset or growth mindset? Could you use a boost in how you think about life, business, relationships?

This is a strong suit of Tim's.  He can help you break through the barriers that have been holding you back, while helping you create a growth mindset in the process.  This coaching will benefit all areas of your life. 

You will gain greater clarity on why you think the way you do and how you can change to perform at the highest levels possible.

Mindset is the key to everything. Unlocking the power to thinking more clearly, more confidently, and more positively in every situation, will take you to levels above those around you.

Schedule your first FREE session today.

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